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Nate McMillan used to have a gorgeous rose garden in his yard. According to legend it was how he dealt with the stress of being the Blazers head coach.

I can recall reading about it in a magazine that my husband read at the time.

I thought that it was well, neat.

Over the years I have learned a lot about roses, their care, and what to expect.

One of my first big surprises was when my red roses started to fade. Some of the blooms on the plant litteraly turned white. It wasn't until some time later that I learned that 90% of roses are on grafted stock.

But that is not all. A lot of roses will fade throughout their life cycle and it is completely normal. One thing that has a lot to do with it is temperature.

When this happens now I usually see it as a sign that they need to be pruned better. Though this is less common now, and I generally prune in spring and then deadhead through the season.

It is just one of the fun surprises you will experience along the path as a rose gardener.

True beauty